Our offerings include Dietary and lifestyle support, authentic KuNye massage, herbal remedies and more. Office visits are available in NYC and during select retreats at Menla Mountain Retreat in the Catskills. House calls are available in NYC, Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

Dr. Palnam Jinpa   is currently accepting new patients in the greater New York area for Tibetan medical consultation and treatments.

Dr. Palnam Jinpa is currently accepting new patients in the greater New York area for Tibetan medical consultation and treatments.

OUR Practice

OSEL Tibetan Medicine serves the greater New York area. We believe that health is personal. We work to help our patients thrive and take the whole person into account when designing a treatment plan. In order to fulfill our personal dedication to this ancient but deeply relevant medical art, we are nurturing a growing community of patients and practitioners. To find out how this unique system can help you, contact us to book an appointment or come to one of our upcoming events.

Tibetan therapies are appropriate for people seeking relief from everything from seasonal colds to more serious chronic illnesses such as arthritis, digestive and immune disorders, and even forms of cancer. Tibetan medicine can also supplement and bolster patients undergoing Western medical treatment. Nutritional evaluation, pulse reading, and urine analysis are key parts of the diagnostic process.

Tibetan therapies are wonderfully supportive for those looking to enrich an already healthy lifestyle and strengthen their body, mind, and spirit. Regular sessions of external therapies like moxibustion and Kunye massage benefit the body by stimulating inner energetic channels, relaxing tense muscles, and bringing the body into balance. Tibetan herbal remedies are effective and safe, and we are delighted to offer many formulas hand-ground by Dr. Jinpa.

amchi fundamentals

"In general, amchi medical practice is also identified by the name sowa rigpa, which means "science of healing" in classical Tibetan as well as in regional Himalayan and Central Asian languages and dialects. The word amchi means "doctor". This system of medicine is a spiritual practice, a science, and an art that dates back thousands of years.

Aspects of our medicine system were transmitted from India to Tibet between the 7th and 12th centuries, during the first and second dissemination of Buddhism. This system combines the profound work of Sangye Menla, the Medicine Buddha, with indigenous Tibetan traditions such as Bön, and was shaped into sowa rigpa as it is known today. 

Young amchi learn how to identify and collect medicinal plants, make medicine, remove poisonous qualities of certain ingredients, diagnose disease using pulse and urine analysis, and provide prescriptions for patients. They would also be trained in moxibustion, cauterization, and other healing techniques. Likewise, amchi would receive training in astrology, as it is an essential component of diagnosis and treatment within Tibetan medical tradition."

via DROKPA.org

what to expect from a visit

We offer many services based on the needs and goals of our patients, but our visits follow a regular pattern:

  • We'll talk. First sessions are conducted by Dr. Jinpa and Lilly together, so that Lilly can translate into Tibetan for added precision. We'll discuss your health goals, patterns you observe in your life and body, and we'll ask questions about signs and symptoms of possible imbalances.
  • We'll check your pulses, tongue, and maybe a urine sample. To find out more about this process, check out our Diagnostics page.
  • We'll develop a treatment plan. Our treatment plans are meant to give you an overall view of a path forward, but also to change with the seasons and as you respond to treatments.
  • Treatment plans include can include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, herbal remedies, and external therapies like Ku Nye Massage, cupping, or moxibustion.
  • The first session is usually a consultation and therapies can be performed in follow-up sessions.
  • Follow up support can include meal planning support (recipes and grocery lists), meditation instruction, Tibetan Yoga lessons, and resources for delving deeper into Tibetan Medicine.


My eczema was super out of control before I began treatment with Dr. Jinpa - my skin was always red and itchy, and I felt self-conscious. After taking Tibetan medicine on a strict schedule, my inflammation is gone and my eczema has finally healed. Lilly helped me understand which foods and chemicals were triggering the reaction, and Dr. Jinpa treated my flare-ups with precision and care. It feels amazing to not have my eczema control my life.
— Amber Taylor in Washington, DC
Amchi Jinpa has the remarkable ability to diagnose your underlying medical problems by interpreting your urine and pulse. This is a skill used by very experienced amchis, and I was impressed by his focus and patience as he determined my issues. As a Tibetan I think these medical techniques are extremely valuable and more people should research them and understand their efficacy. My adult jaundice has totally cleared now and I am very grateful to Lilly and Amchi Jinpa.
— Lobsang Dorjee in East Islip, New York